ActewAGL Joint Venture Partnerships Board

Ray Hezkial

Mr Hezkial was appointed to the ActewAGL Joint Venture Partnerships Board by Icon Water in April 2019.  He is also a member of the Board of ActewAGL Retail Investments Pty Ltd and ActewAGL Distribution Investments Pty Ltd, and a member of the Boards of Icon Water Limited, Icon Distribution Investments Limited and Icon Retail Investments Limited.

Mr Hezkial joined Icon Water in 2003 and commenced as Managing Director in November 2018.  In his previous role as General Manager, Infrastructure Services, Mr Hezkial was responsible for managing Icon Water’s capital works program, provision of network operations and all aspects of day-to-day maintenance relating to the ACT’s water and sewer reticulation systems. Prior to this, Mr Hezkial was the Project Manager for the Enlarged Cotter Dam.

Mr Hezkial has a Master of Business Administration, Diploma in Project Management and Bachelor of Engineering (Civil).

Ray Hezkial
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